An Eat and Meet a Day Keeps the COVID-19 Away…

Dr. Lofi Dewanto
3 min readJun 21, 2021

After this story I wrote from Alex A Breakfast a Day Keeps A Homeless Away… I continue to tell you what’s happening with investing our time story.

Invest Our Time Instead of Money

In the time of COVID-19 we all have a hard time. In Europe we had lockdown, a lot of people get their income cut because of the lockdown. But still in Europe like in Germany no one need to starve because the goverments have enough money. This is quite different in such developing country like Indonesia where the government cannot support all the people so that they need to survive by themself.

So is the idea to offer “Eat and Meet” born. Supported by Indriyati, Theresia and Titus. This activity is to support people who cannot afford to eat healthy in some areas in Indonesia and Madiun as a small town in East Java was chosen to be the first place. This Eat and Meet is scheduled once a week on Tuesday and Titus calls this event “Selasa Berbela Rasa” which can be translated as “Compassionate Tuesday”.

The idea of “Eat and Meet in Madiun” was a very simple one. All people could come to a place where simple but healthy lunch are offered and they could talk and discuss on the same time at any topics. Of course outside and with distance.

The result can be seen below.

Simple but Healthy Food
Menu: Ayam Panggang, Lalapan Sambal, Kerupuk and Nasi Putih (Google Translator to English)
Eat and …
… Meet


A simple activity, in which you need to invest your time, can make a big change in this hard time. Of course you still need money to invest but only for 15 EUR / each Eat and Meet. Just compare it to how much you have to pay for your Amazon Prime or your Netflix membership per month.

Price per plate is about 5000 Rp. In Each Eat and Meet there are about 40 until 50 plates served. So total cost per Eat and Meet are about 50 plates x 5000 Rp = 250.000 Rp = 15 EUR / each Eat and Meet for about 40 until 50 persons.

Next time I’m going to support this action by creating an app with all the result and photos on each “Eat and Meet”. Maybe we could make more such actions all over the places in Indonesia?

In this context, I hope to see more actions in the future!