I write this short article to show why I think the following opinion would be our future:

“It’s just matter of time that we won’t care whether we have in-process or remote calls. Everything will be transparent for developers. No semantic difference. No network or in-process difference. All will be abstracted so that developers have only the in-process semantics”.

I still remember my first Distributed Systems lecture at the University of Muenster, Germany, a very long time ago, where my Professor said:

“The first rule of distributed systems: do not distribute!”

As I could remember there are already a lot…

After this story I wrote from Alex A Breakfast a Day Keeps A Homeless Away… I continue to tell you what’s happening with investing our time story.

In the time of COVID-19 we all have a hard time. In Europe we had lockdown, a lot of people get their income cut because of the lockdown. But still in Europe like in Germany no one need to starve because the goverments have enough money. This is quite different in such developing country like Indonesia where the government cannot support all the people so that they need to survive by themself.


For me the most interesting developer conferences today are Google I/O, Microsoft Build and Apple WWDC. Some of you would surely ask what about Java One (today they renamed it to Oracle Code One) or IBM / RedHat or SAP SAPPHIRE NOW or AWS re:Invent?

  • Java One was my favorite tech conf in the time of Sun Microsystems but today in the hand of Oracle it doesn’t go anywhere. Instead of Java technologies it becomes Oracle Code One with “all boring Oracle business stuffs” and “Oracle database with the mantra of one product fits all”.
  • IBM / RedHat still needs…

In this short story I’ll show you how to deploy GWT / J2CL web apps on Microsoft Azure Static Web Apps Service. There are some advantages if you implement your web apps with Full CSR (Client Side Rendering) so that the web apps just run on your web browser and embrace the client computing power. The cost of cloud computing is one of it. In this case the cloud provider just has to deliver the static files without doing much processing on their side.

If you want to see why you should embrace the power of web browser you could…

Today 3rd. April 2021 I released the GWT Boot Starters 1.0.0 to Maven Central which is the first final version of GWT Boot Starters. In this short article I’ll show you how GWT Boot Starters can help us to build our GWT web apps easier and faster.

What is GWT (“gwit”, aka. Google Web Toolkit)?

GWT is a development toolkit for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications. Its goal is to enable productive development of high-performance web applications without the developer having to be an expert in browser quirks, XMLHttpRequest, and JavaScript. It’s Open Source, completely free, and used by thousands of developers around the world since 2007…

Or how you can get the best out of it…

Java is a robust language and bla bla bla. We already know this since Y2K Millennium Bug but most of us actually really realize the advantages of Java from Bruno Borges, one of the famous Java Champion (although in the beginning I thought people speak Portuguese in Brazil and not Java).

If you are just starting with Java, see Java live in action bla bla bla you need to know to start working with the frameworks. Yes, without frameworks your life is useless.

What Are Java Frameworks? Why Frameworks?

Hopefully you are aware now why we…

This is a second part of the article about UI (User Interface) development in 2020. Here is the first part: UI Development Trend in 2020: Declarative UI to Rule Them All.

Today I’m talking about Web apps UI development. As we have seen in the UI framework development history, we have moved from server-side UI development to the client-side or browser-side UI development. To be clear, Web browser represents the native app for many desktops today. With ElectronJS you can deliver your Web apps to the desktop for any operating system available. ElectronJS apps which are Web apps are platform…

In year 2020 it seems that major players in UI development are agreed in how we, developers, should design the UI (User Interface) of our apps or web apps. In this article I will show you the current UI development trends with different frameworks and environments available in 2020 and sum them up. Later I’ll take a look on the UI development trends in Java / GWT / J2CL.

Design Trend in UI


SwiftUI has renovated the whole UI development in Apple world. Native on all Apple platforms with all those nice design tools set a very high bar for UI development. Also move…

In the article “Using IndexedDB in Web Browser — All in Java” Mrs. Gwitany and Dr. Jackl told us how we could use Java with Elemental2 to build a simple prototype based on WebAPIs for IndexedDB. This time they’ll show us how to build the already shown code to be testable and maintainable with all the Design Patterns we already know from our server-side experiences with Java.

In the server-side Java world we use following patterns all the time, so we want to use them in the Web browser apps as well:

  • Dependency Injection: we inject dependent object into a…

I would like to know, what are the obstacles for you as Java developers not using Java as programming language for writing Web browser apps. Web browser apps are client-side and not server-side Web apps. For running Web browser apps you mostly don’t need a Web server, you just need HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.

I’m doing Web browser programming using Java with GWT / J2CL and surely it is not perfect because the Web browser APIs feel very JavaScript but I have following advantages:

  1. We use Java as the language
  2. We have the best ecosystem like libraries, frameworks, build…

Dr. Lofi Dewanto

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