Simple Problem Causes Huge Impact in the New Android Studio for macOS

Yesterday night I updated my AndroidStudio from 3.5.x to 3.6.1. AndroidStudio 3.6.1 brought some new features like Visual Layout Editor, which I would like to try.

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Android Studio 3.6.1

Everything seems working fine but I cannot deploy my app anymore, also a very simple app, to my Android Virtual Devices (AVD). I cannot see my Android app starts in my AVD. Gradle and the Android project are green but still my app did not show up. I could not see any problems until I see this red message:

Error while waiting for device: Unable to locate adb (Android Debug Bridge)

So, it was the time to search for an answer in Internet. I found some questions and answers:

… and many other articles but none of them show me a way to correct this problem on macOS.

As all the articles said, the problem is actually quite simple:

The Platform Tools “platform-tools” with its “adb” were put in the wrong place, so Android Studio cannot find them.

After trying some hours I could find this solution for my macOS:

(1) This is how the directory structure of your Android SDK on your macOS looks like:

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Directory Structure of Android SDK on macOS

The problem area is the directory platform-tools.

(2) As I took a look under the platform-tools I saw that I have following structure:

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Wrong Structure of “platform-tools”

So it seems that the installation of the platform-tools make a wrong structure by duplicating platform-tools/platform-tools.

(3) My solution was just to move the whole content of platform-tools/platform-tools/* to platform-tools/*. That’s it!

After moving the content of platform-tools to the right place, everything is working fine and I could deploy my Android app to my AVD just like before the update.

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